Collection: PLINIO VISONA'

Women's bags represent much more than an accessory. The bags accompany women on every occasion, but more than anything else, they contain their universe, their secrets, and their personality. Plinio Visonà knew this well when in 1959, still an artisan, he founded his company in Vicenza, which over the years has established itself in the market. From the very beginning, Plinio Visonà understood how the attention to detail combined with the quality of the leather and a sober, original and timeless design would take the brand that bears his name far away. The "simplicity" of a concept still resides in the professional heritage of Plinio Visonà today.
Each Plinio Visonà bag is rigorously handmade by master leather men, and condenses values ​​of tradition, culture, and love for beauty.
Plinio’s bags are characterized by the patented “Selleria” seam, a true trademark of the company. Today the brand is managed by Plinio’s sons, who are proud to share the Italian identity and craftsmanship around the world.
Plinio Visonà, even before the term "Sustainability" was defined, worked with respect for the work environment, and it has always been at the heart of the company. This is a path, a business model, which Plinio Visonà who first embraced with enthusiasm, who was aware of the investments needed to realize it.