Collection: BIAGINI

The Biagini brand was born more than 50 years ago, now enhanced and relaunched with the engagement of a young management in the company; if Mr. Amidei is production supervisor, his wife Enza is in charge of quality control, and both have passed on their passion to their three children: Elisa deals with business management, Valentina is responsible for product development and Luca manages the small leather goods and belts divisions. The brand philosophy is based on authenticity, on true passion for an ancient and current craft. Its originality is staying true to themselves, having their own creative soul and philosophy, regardless by fashions and by time. Authenticity is in the materials, which by their nature are unique and unrepeatable: authenticity like fifty years of tradition and evolution. The laboratory becomes the stage of continuous experimentation, where colors and geometries are created, where more abstract ideas take shape and become substance, something true and real.