Collection: BERGAMASCO

Heritage, handicraft, quality, timeless style are the values representing the foundation on which the Bergamasco brand was established: heritage that spans over 60 years of history and experience, craftsmanship conveyed through the skill and passion of their employees, made in Italy quality that has been raised to the level of excellence and bags with innovative designs and timeless allure.
There is something utterly captivating about watching experienced and skilled hands cut and sew, creating an exceptional end product from nothing: a piece that speaks for itself and tells the story of craftsmanship that goes way back, that has been passed down over time, according to tradition.
The craftsmanship of the Bergamasco brand can be seen in every detail, in the handmade finishes and the luxurious accents. These are bags made by expert craftsmen who express their passion for their craft every day and who wholeheartedly devote themselves to working fine leathers and using exclusive and exquisite materials.