My name is Ivana, I am an Italian scientist and fashion lover living in the United States for the last few years. I am proud to introduce you to Via NEAPOLIS, an online platform born from the desire to unveil the excellence of the made in Italy you usually don’t see…unless you travel to Italy. Every item you will find on this platform is indeed exclusively handcrafted by the best Italian artisans.

As an Italian living abroad, I have experienced the impossibility in finding good quality made in Italy items at a reasonable price like I was used to when I was living in Italy. I sadly realized that the only made in Italy items easily accessible were the ones produced by the big names of the fashion industry but at the same time inaccessible for many people due to prohibitive prices associated mainly to their massive marketing campaigns.

In Italy there are thousands of small artisans and brands with incredible craftsmanship abilities. Many of these artisans are the same ones who work for the big brands too but unfortunately their private labels are almost unknown despite being of exceptional quality. On this platform we want give them a voice and make their masterpieces available for everyone to enjoy.     

Via NEAPOLIS is thrilled to offer you a new made in Italy, a made in Italy made of artisans and family traditions, a made in Italy you will fall in love with. We choose the name Via NEAPOLIS since “Neapolis” is the ancient name of my beautiful city Napoli, as homage to my roots, and “via” that in Italian means “avenue”.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping in our unique virtual Italian avenue and hopefully you will find your exclusive handcrafted item!


We believe real luxury is not about a name or a logo but is about beautiful and unique products handcrafted by expert hands.

We believe in a fashion industry that protects the environment and values people over profit, in direct contrast with the fast-fashion industry that is destroying our planet in terms of environmental and human cost. We believe in investing in few items that will last a lifetime if treated with adequate care.

We believe that helping who is less lucky than us is not a duty but a privilege. Every year, thanks to your support, a part of Via NEAPOLIS profit will be donated to support the fight against cancer. This year we choose to sponsor AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research.