It was 1971 when Vittorio at the age of 24, with already 10 years of  experience as a leather cutter, established Claudia Firenze in Florence.  Without any help, except for the enthusiasm and support of his young wife Sonia, he opened his own company, naming it after his 3 years old daughter Claudia.In the 90’s Vittorio’s children, Claudia and Filippo, joined the company too bringing a young and creative drive to the artisanal know-how. All their bags are handmade by master craftsmen in Florence, honoring the quality and integrity of Made in Italy. Their mission is to continuously create contemporary and distinctive bags that reflect the Italian style and fashion. In their 50 years of activity, they have been consistently committed to creating a functional, efficient, comfortable, and modern place of work. Their factory is large and bright and from their windows there are beautiful views of the Tuscan hills. Claudia Firenze is also proud of their commitment to sustainability. They also only use Italian leathers waste from the food industry and their factory is totally powered by solar panels, and this allows them to be completely autonomous – they draw the energy from the sun with zero emissions into the atmosphere.