When the founders decided to create the DUST brand, they wanted to create an authentic brand that places at its center the Made in Italy tradition of leather craftsmanship.
With more than ten years of experience, they knew that a hide that has been treated in the traditional way guarantees a quality product that improves over time. It ages and becomes more beautiful at every use.
When you choose DUST, you choose an experience that sits in the corner of your bag. DUST uses 3.6 mm thick leather for its products, which makes them particularly resistant and indestructible over time and with everyday use. The cutting-edge Italian design but with vintage-retro colors confers luster to every item and makes them eternal.
Every item is put together by craftsman's hands, who create unique products with no equal. That is how you know that there is an authentic soul in DUST's products, born from the passion and the studies of people who work to create the uniqueness that you choose to take with you every day and for every occasion. You do not only buy an object, but you also let artisans to give you a piece of themselves.