Festina Lente, from Latin ‘make haste slowly’, is the brand’s name and philosophy—even in a hurry, don’t rush, take your time, and enjoy every moment. Do things with creativity, intention, and joy. This is the message Marta Mondelli, who founded Festina Lente Home in 2017, wants to express with her products. As she started the company when pregnant with her second child, Marta was very aware of using non-toxic ingredients and safe production processes, therefore combined her creativity with sustainable choices, developing a truly inspiring brand. Festina Lente Home offers an array of scented soy candles and home fragrances which are vegan, chemical-free, and not tested on animals. Unique products of the brand are the alcohol-free diffusers, non-inflammable and extremely long lasting. Festina Lente Home develops high-quality, timeless products, both meaningful and inspirational, aiming to express creativity and emotions through amazing fragrances.